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 Diamondbacks ultimate goal is to entertain crowds to best of our ability. We work hard to bring you that concert sound and feel. Using state-of-the-art sound equipment and keeping up with the latest new music and the golden oldies of country, rock and the blues.

We promise that your night out on the town will be a fun and fulfilled evening. We hope that you will experience what we are delivering musically. So have fun with friends and family.


Diamondback would like to remind you to always drink responsibly!!  Thank You..... 




                     Diamondbacks Current member lineup 

          Wendell Mahon                    Acoustic Guitar ,Lead Vocals 

          Kendell Mahon                     Guitar, Vocals

          Joe Dennis                           Lead Guitar, Vocal 

          Brian Kalles                          Piano

          Cody Bannevich                  Bass

          Tommy Mattox                     Drums


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Diamondback Cannot be responsible for anyone having an excessive good time!!!